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Curious about a topic in religious studies?  Join us for our FREE Saturday workshop series, where we explore theological subjects in engaging ways.


All sessions are presented in an academic, yet accessible and non-intimidating manner, making it ideal for individuals of all ages and educational backgrounds.


All are open to the public, but pre-registration is required.

Upcoming Events

  • Gaga-4-GOD! (Workshop)
    Sat, Jun 10
    Mayfield Branch of Cuyahoga Library
    In this FREE Pride-themed academic session, we will study the notions of QUEER THEOLOGY by reflecting on the careers of Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Lil Nas X. Special Location: Mayfield Public Library Registration Ends on June 7th!
  • My Pitiful Pentecost Party (Canceled)
    Sat, May 20
    St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church
    CANCELED DUE TO COVID EXPOSURE! SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. A FREE academic workshop on the significance of Pentecost and the workings of thCANCELLED DUE TO COVID EXPOSURE! SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. A FREE academic workshop on the significance of Pentecost and the workings of the Holy Spirit!

Previous Events

Forgiving Judas

March 2023

Description: Featuring clips from the 1973 and 2000 motion picture productions of Jesus Christ Superstar, we deconstruct what the Bible, Church Tradition, and Scholars say about Judas Iscariot's actions, motivation, and fate.  

Potato Chip Jesus

February 2023

Description: People have reported seeing the face of Christ in the most unexpected places -- including potato chips. Throughout the Bible, the portrait of Christ is understood and presented in a variety of differing and even contradictory ways. In this creative academic workshop, we analyze these differences by pairing each with a unique flavor of artisanal potato chips (that we get to eat)!


November 2022

Description: For Trans* Awareness month, an affirming Saturday Session on biblical figures and themes that reflect the unique experiences of transgender, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming communities.


June 2022

Description: What does the Bible say about Homosexuality? Probably not what you think!  Through the use of history, narrative, theology, and modern biblical scholarship, Russ Tripi will teach us how to deconstruct/respond to the biblical passages that have often been used to combat gay and lesbian people. A special LGBTQ+ Pride-Month workshop!

Mass Confusion

May 2022

Description: “Mass Confusion” – an immersive behind-the-scenes look at the liturgy. Ever wonder why we do what we do?  Accompany religious studies educator Russ Tripi as he guides his audience into the sanctuary of the church to deconstruct the liturgical rituals, symbols, vessels, linens, and even the architecture, to uncover the hidden meaning of what each says about tradition and theology.


If you have a topic that you think would be a great addition to Saturday Sessions, we would love to hear from you. Please contact our Director of Religious Education, Russ Tripi.

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