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"All were amazed and perplexed, saying to one another, 'What does this mean?' But others sneered and said, 'They are filled with new wine.'”

- Acts 2:12-13

Challenging the perception that religion is dry, "Brews @ Bart's" was founded by Russ Tripi in 2019 as a creative means of having fun and fellowship while teaching something relevant. Extracting popular topics and lessons from his 20 years of classroom experience, Russ uses beer -- as well as humor, theatrics, audience participation (with occasional prizes), and multi-media -- to reinforce subject matter in an engaging way.

Whether you are enjoying a sample of Great Lake's "Holy Moses White Ale" while learning a witty anecdote about Moses' life, or having a taste of Brewdog's "Elvis Juice" while discerning what it truly means to be the King, this is not a typical Sunday School lesson! Exemplifying the notion that "joy" is also a fruit of the Holy Spirit, this 21+ social and educational event transforms our church hall into a Happy Hour Event not to be missed.

See below for details on past and upcoming events.

Christmas Tales & Ales 2022: Crazy Crèches

Previous Events

Christmas Tales & Ales:

The History of Christmas

November 2019

Description: From pagan parties to soda-can Santas, guests will be guided through an entertaining evening of craft beer tasting paired with a deconstructive look at the origins, history, and rituals of the Christmas Season. The event's menu features samples from Market Garden Brewery, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Brewdog, Southern Tier Brewing Company, and Platform Beer Company, as well as appetizers and desserts.


If you have a topic or a beer selection that you would love to see featured at "Brews @ Bart's," please contact our Director of Religious Education, Russ Tripi.

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